Discovery Dive in Budapest – Pool Session

Discovery Dive in Budapest – Pool Session

Interested in Diving?

Try it at our Discovery Dive in Budapest!


At TBK Divers your discovery dive experience will contain a short theory and pool session followed by a supervised dive.

During this session you will become familiar with the diving equipment and the basics of diving.

Our introductory dives are held in Budapest, bring your friends to get our discounts!


This Discovery Dive is for You If…

  • you were ever wondering whether you should try scuba diving or not…
  • if you did not have a clue so far how to start diving…
  • if you are not sure whether diving is for you or not…
  • if you would love to see yourself in scuba diving equipment and neoprene suit…

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What will happen during the TBK Budapest Discovery Dive?

  • We start with a short theory session where you get to know the diving equipment and the basics of diving
  • Then we will teach you how to use the equipment and also, what to watch out for during your dive
  • After this you will go in the water and try on the surface how to breathe from the regulator.
  • Then comes the exciting part: we will sink to the floor and you can experience for the first time in your life what it is like to breath under water. You will experience weightlessness and also try how to move in 3D.
  • If you are brave, you can try to do some of the diving exercises we cover at our beginner dive courses.
  • As a memory of your first dive, you will receive an underwater photo that will be sent to you in email.

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 Are you interested?

  1. Get in contact with us at or +36 20 341 3998 so that we can arrange a time for your dive
  2. Send us your height, weight, foot size so that we can provide you with diving equipment
  3. You can pay the fee of your dive at the premises.


Go deeper…

Choose our Aquaworld Discovery Dive with 4 m pool and slides after your dive

You can try diving at Hungary’s deepest pool at Aquaworld where after your diving session you can go and try the slides and thermal pools at the resort.

Price of Aquaworld Discovery Dive: 25 000 HUF which contains the theory session, the rent of the diving equipment, the entry fee to Aquaworld for 3 hours and the fee of the instructor.


Bring your friends! – discount

If you bring a friend, you will get our discount: instead of 50 000 HUF you pay altogether 40 000 Huf

[box type=”info”] Call us now at +36 20 341 3998 or send us an email to:[/box]

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